randomn :)

i had fun these days. especially with my cousins-> my sisters. hehehe. we go to mangdu and i bought 2 CDs. tohoshinki and coach carter. i'm such a bad fan, i've never had any cd's of them (tohoshinki) and now i bought it at mangdu. haha. this is the first time i bought cd about them. congrats to myself. --"
i've been searching for "coach carter" since.. mm maybe last year. the first time i saw the movie, i loved it because it's all about basketball, about teammates and there are so much we can learn from the movie. and now i found it. i'm so happy :)
but, there's one movie i'd like to buy, "taiyou no uta". it's japanese. i saw it in japanese class (extracurricular). i love the story. so i searched for it, and they didn't have it. huhu.

you know, everyday has always been the same topic for me lately. maybe some of you who've read my previous posts will be bored because i've always talked about it. yaaa i just want to share my feelings here, so if you do feel bored, sorry :]
i just want to say this. have you read my previous post: "my top 5" ? i think i made a new top 5. #3 smile's win some scores. hahaha. so i think #3 will switch with #2. maybe, i don't know if i change my mind again. haha. i will tell you if i did. aaaa his smile is killing me! oh no :o

bytheway, i miss playing basketball with my team, i mean old team. hehe. now i'm not the part of it anymore. i'm graduated. i need to get rid of badminton for awhile. i just want to have fun with basketball. maybe i wont play any basketball in senior high school, i want to play badminton, as i always wanted since i was 5th grader. :)