not in the mood to write :( ko all the way!

long time no see, folks! hahaha. i was kind of lazy to post my daily. but i think, maybe now is the right time to post this.

if you read my previous posts. you'll see how fanatic i am about this one athlete.
his name is ko sung hyun. i like him since the 18th of june 2008. first time i saw him was in the Istora's cafetaria. i wanted to buy some food. that was the first time i saw him. he was in the blue jacket, the Koreans official jacket. he's still 21, i looked at him and i thought he's very handsome. and of course he looked at me too, because my eyes couldn't stop looking at him. maybe, he feels uncomfortable because someone's watching him. hahaha. i was not really looking at him. actually, i'm thinking what kind of food i want to eat, end then when i look at him, i forgot what i want. aaah~ stupid stupid. i don't know his name at that time. i don't know if he's an athlete or just an official. but the 20th of june 2008, i saw him go to the hotel and i was in there. so i asked for his signature *sign*. i'm lucky he's clever. he wrote his name in korean and latin too. so i know his name, i can read. his name "ko sung hyun".
"aah his name is ko sung hyun. okay. i already know your name", that's what in my mind when i recieved his sign. unlike his partner, he didn't give me the latin. he just write in korean, hangul. i don't know his name. but that's okay for me because i like ko sung hyun and not him. the other day, 22th of june 2008. i went to the hotel at 11. i want to say goodbye to kenichi tago, japanese player in men single. but, i was very late, he's already go to the airport when i arrived in hotel. so i just look inside the hotel and take a walk. see some pictures or maybe i should called it paintings. suddenly, i see someone's familiar. and i recognized him. he's ko sung hyun. the athlete in the other day. and so i asked him to take pictures whit me and my friends. i'm so happy. he's very kind. not snoppy. and soo i like him since that time.
the true moment is when he wants to go. and i say "ko sung hyun sarangheyo" to him. and he smiled at me. ah, i want to go as fast as i can at that time. i'm very happy. but, shame on me. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm crazy. that's why, i like him very much. but, i can't expect much. because it's not only me who likes him. other girls out there start to like him. i'm sad. i'm jealous. but i'm nothing to him so i'm only his fans. huhu. kind of sad if i remember that thing.

i post this because i have nothing to say and i'm just thinking of him this very time. yonex japan super series is about to over tomorrow. i'm sad he's lose. lost againts indonesia. that makes me a betrayer, because i support him! hahaha but that's okay, i'm still happy that indonesia win. :) go badminton! go ko sung hyun! sarangheyo :D