smile :')

i'm sorry.
i am really sorry.
i'm sorry, friends. best friends.
maybe i have been strange lately.
i have a reason for acting strange
but i won't tell
sorry to make you all confused

but, i just want to be alone.
let me deal with it on my own
because trying to cheer me up is not the best way
it makes me feel like i'm the worst friend ever
because i won't tell anything to you

if you asked me why
i will answer
" i'm tired "
because i am tired

thanks for being such a nice friends :')

oh, and for stefani emanuella. i think you're right. i can never smile when my heart is crying and screaming. i was wrong to sing "smile" by charlie chaplin to myself. the song brings me even more sadness


somebody's me

that song matches my feeling
that song reminds me of you
that song says what i want to say to you

i know that song because of you
i like that song because of you
i love that song because of you

and i sing that song, because of you

just one thing i really want to say