not feeling good

on monday i was talking to my friend about my feelings. she's just go back from retret last sunday (i think??) and she's got fever soo i couldn't talk to her yesterday. and today she's online. if i'm not mistaken, i sent message to her in saturday and i hope that she would reply my message when she got back home. but, she didn't. when i send her message, i'm not in the mood. i'm sad, i'm hopeless, i needed help. but, it's quite a long time so now i'm better. when i chat with her, she asked me why i was sad? she reminded me to my problem. at first, i'm just thinking like 'yaa i'm just answering her question and you cannot think about it again, don't be sad'. but,  my conversation with her brought me back to my problems soo i'm sad. again. i told her what my problem is and i think she's confused too. because i never felt like this before, and niether she was. if you know what my problems are connected with, you know me hahahahah. i think my besties know what my problem is :|


my dreams are weirdo, not me. HAHA :D atleast, it's more weird than me

i had fun this day. haha. i woke up at 10.30, and i got another dream. hahaha. these last couple days, i've got dream. weird dreams actually. but i like the first one. i'd loved it if it's truely happened. hahaha. 

my first dream, is about my idols. lets say, i'm in my room and my idols are in my room too. hahah. what kind of dream is it? i don't know. haha. okay, this is my dream. when i woke up, i saw these two peoples are in my room. the first one is playing my computer and the other one is just standing beside my desk. and then i wake up from my bed and talk to them. it's kinda weird because i can understand their language. and i can talk their language fluently. hmm first i only talking to... hmm lets say #1. sooo, i only talking to the #1 at the first time, but then #3 talking to me too, with different language. and i can understand both language and talk both language fluently! ah i want to understand and talk both language in the real life, but i just cannot, esp #3's. hahaha. after i talked to them, i go out from my room, and i say some kind of greetings from #3's country. and he said that to me too. and that is the end, after i went out my room, i woke up IN THE REAL LIFE because i have to drink milk. aaaaaaaaah my milk ruin my dreaaaam. huhu. i can't blame my maid because she's just doing her duty hehe :p when i remember that #3 said that some-kind-of-greetings-thing to me too, i feel soo happy happy and happy. hahah. but, i think about something. when did i said that some-kind-of-greetings-thing to him before when i met him??? i couldn't remember. hmm no, not couldn't remember. i've NEVER said it to him. aaaah and in a blink of an eye, i realized. IT'S JUST A DREAM.oh why?? :[

my second dream was very very very very weird. i didn't even know what it means and for whatt. this is my dream. i went to a mall. that mall is very perfect. you can find anything there. food, books, clothes, bags, shoes, anything! and it's well-organised. i mean, if you want coffee, there's a place just for coffee and other beverages, and you can choose one of the place to drink. err i can't explain it how but it's crazyy it's perfect. and this is the weird and i-don't-like-it part. the mall is going to close for about an hour, and the one of the restaurant is almost closed. and then one of the waitress offer me doughnut for free, it looks very delicious. but when i want to eat it, my maid woke me up and she said i got call from my cousin. argh, i almost bite it! hahaha. maybe i'm hungry in my dream. HAHAH. but, if my cousin didn't call me, i will sleep all day loong. hahahah. 

flashback about my first dream, i told about my dream to my friend, tannia, and she said that i'm too crazy thinking about #1. so i dreamt about #1. hahaha. maybe that's why i dreamt about #1. things that made me confused is i rarely had dreams before. hmm maybe when i slept, i'm still thinking about #1 and he's in my dream. aaah. i cannot stop thinking about it 24/7 unless i have something more fun like when i swimming with my bro and sisters (read : cousins) hehe. 

this day, i went to manhattan hotel at kuningan with my bro and my sisters. heheh. lets call us "the prans" hahaha. we went swimming at manhattan and it's my favourite place to go swimming because it's often not crowded and windy. haha. i mean the wind is strong there. hahaha. i like it because it's cold. after we arrived in manhattan, we swum for about 5 minutes and start to taking a pictures and pictures and pictures. haha. the point is i'm not like swimming "swimming" but it was more like playing water, i guess. heheheh. it's fun. i can spend my time with my family without thinking about something-that-is-not-in-my-real-life-thing or for short, fantasy ;p


holiday just wont let me have some fun this time, i guess :|

i know it's kinda silly, but sometimes i think i miss him. huhu. when everybody talks about graduation night, prom nite, what to wear and somethings like that, i didn't even think about it. maybe the the time wasn't right. so when i have to think about my graduation, my prom, my scores, my test, i only think about the game. i mean indonesia open. haha. i don't know, maybe i'm just too maniac of this kind of thing and i was too excited to face it. so i kept thinking about it, especially my idol. i didn't even know what i have to wear to the prom nite. so my mom was angry because i don't have the right costume to wear for the promnite. but, at the end, the promnite went well and i'm really happy, it's unforgetable. really :) and my scores. wow. hahaha. my nem is 37,10. i think it's not too high but it's quite good. hehe. and i'm quite satisfied for what i had. at least i can make my parents proud. actually i'm a bit shocked, because my friend told me that i had the highest score in indonesian language. hahaha. i'm really happy, and the funny thing is i thought my indonesian language is the worst score among all my other scores. hahahah. and the fact is just not as i thought :D and once again, i'm really really really happy that we can be the best scores in UAN. what i mean is : peringkat 1 se DKI Jakarta. AHAHAH. i don't know how to translate it so i just write it in indonesia. i'm so proud of us. i love you, girls :D we are the best!

i think everybody has cured from badminton fever.  or it's just me who is "lebay"? hahaha. i don't know, all i know is, yes i'm "lebay" because i'm still excited for what happened to me in this event. i know most of all korean players (especially the boys hehe), i know new players, great players, bad players, handsome players and many more. hahahah. i already told you about my top 5, did i? 

you know what, when i went to istora last friday, my heart just couldn't stop beating. i didn't know where it came from, i just saw tv and then i remembered the yesterday's photo and then it happened. until the moment i met him again, it was still beating. even harder. haaa i just cannot take him out of my mind. i get nervous everytime i think about it. hahahahahha. the first i felt the heartbeating thing, i tell my dad. and he said i'm only nervous because it's gradnite tomorrow, but i tell him maybe it's because of something else, and he's just laughing at me. duh --''

okay. next topic. haaah i'm really bored at home. i'm just doing nothing, like i had nothing to do and just lazy to do this and that. so i'm just wake up and then watch tv and then take a shower and then playing computers, and then eat, and then sleep.  what kind of lifestyle that is? hahaha. really really bad. i already promised to myself that i have to loss some weight in this holiday. because i don't want to get fat, soo i have to excersice. but the situation just won't let me do what i supposed to do. huhu. 

my friends are all going everywhere. della goes to singapore and thailand. tania, nia, fica, ipe and cindy goes to retret. and others i don't know. haha. they're just having fun. and i'm home alone. not actually alone, i have my brother. hahahah. some of my besties aren't going anywhere. or just not yet going anywhere. hehe. i want to go with them to the mall or just watch some movies but i don't know when or where or with who. hahaha. i have plans to and it's a little bit complicated because i'm also saving money so i can buy new handphone. huuuh i'm falling for that phone when the first i saw it. the shape isn't very good i think, or maybe it's not good actually, just square. ckck. but i fell in love with the function. the camera is very good (8.1 mp), and it's walkman phone. it's sony ericsson w995. i wanted that phone since hmm let me think... maybe two months ago when the handphone wasn't released yet. but the price is very very very very very very very very very expensive. at least it's very expensive for me hehe. it's 5,6 million rupias. huhu. how can i earn money that much if i want to buy it soon??? i runout of money since ina open, because i used some of my savings for the ticket. hahaha. fool me. :{

but now actually i'm a litte bit confused about choosing handphone. i want handphone that can be used to listen music, take a picture, have a big memory, and comfortable for me. if i think about the price twice, i don't think i should buy w995. then i searched another phone and i got another 2 choises. aino and satio. both are sony ericsson's. aino is more to music. but satio is more to camera and pictures and youtube. if i want those things, i should buy w995. i think aino is good for me. besides the price is not as expensive as w995. but, unfortunately, it will released for about six months by now. --" i just cannot decide what phone to buy now, i guess. 


my top 5! hahaha. ina open 2009 was the real fun! :D

these days was really really FUN. gue sama temen2 gue pergi ke istora buat nonton badminton trs abis it ngejar. hahah. asik banget pokoknya. hari pertama sayangnya pertandingan ga terlalu seru karena banyak yang gue ga kenal. dan istora terbilang sepi masa itu. jadi asik gitu gue sama tmn2 gue yg lain bisa nonton leluasa. haha. hari pertama gue pergi bareng angel, yola, xenia, bella dan jose. kita nonton dulu sebentar lalu langsung ke hotel buat ngejar atlet. gue ktm bbrp atlet tp gue lupa sapa aja. yang jelas ada atlet malaysia yang menurut gue cakep, pas gue minta foto dia bilang "in a rush". yaudah akhirnya gajadi. hahaha. trs jga ada pia zebadiah, lagi buru2 gitu gajadi foto juga deh yaaa alhasil dapetnya sama banyakan indo. kayak markis kido, liliyana natsir (cuma gue doang sih), simon trs gue lupa sapa lagi. uda gitu, kita balik ke istora, pas balik kita ktm pemain thailand, cakep juga namanya tanongsak. heheh. mirip sama yang malaysia tadi. krn gatau namanya yang malaysia akhirnya kita bilangnya "pemain yang in-a-rush" hahaha. trs pas sampe di istora, ternyata si tanongsak jadwal tandingnya sama kayak yg malaysia, dan kasian banget yg si malaysia nya kayak di huuu in gitu sama org indo. terus terang pas gue tau dia malaysia gue juga males, cumaaa yaa yaudahlah dia ga ikut campur masalah antara indomalay ini, dia cuma atlet yang berjuang buat namanya dan negaranya. biarin aja. makanya untuk dia dan atlet lain gue buat pengecualian. pas dia tanding gue baru tau namanya ternyata KUAN Beng Hong. jadi lucu aja gitu, 2 org yang gue bilang mirip dan angel bilang kayak kembaran beda negara main di jadwal yang sama di court yang sebelahan. hahahha. 


itu yang sebelah kiri kan ada pemain yang pake baju biru sama merah tuh. yang biru yang thailand (tanongsak saensomboonsuk) trs yg satu lagi merah itu malaysia (Kuan Beng Hong). eheheh. ada satu lagi pemain thailand yang gue suka. namanya boonsak ponsana. dia baik banget. sebenernya pas foto gue gatau dia siapa, cuma krn cakep dan sepertinya org2 mengenal akhirnya gue sama bella foto. haha. ternyata itu boonsak. ahha. cakep banget. ckckck. 

hari itu pokoknya kayak banyak foto sama atlet gitu, soalnya masih sepi dan atletnya belom pada main. jadinyaa yaaa bisa foto. ahhaha. oiya,, yang malaysia tadi si KUAN Beng Hong, akhirnya gue bisa foto sama dia. hahaha. setelah dia selsai main gitu, gue ke hotel trs ktm dia trs minta foto deh gua sama yg lainnya. hahaha. tp yng lucu pas ttd. 

dhn : sorry sir, can i ask for your sign please? (gue belom tau namanya)

kbh : (ngambil buku gue lalu membolakbalik) 

dhn : (bingung ngapain di bolakbalik bukunya)

kbh : "mana?"

dhn : eh?? (bingung krn dia ngmg indo atau malay yg mirip2 indo) here here.

kbh : (baru ttd)

haiyah. ternyata dia bingung gara2 di halaman yang gue kasih uda ada ttd natsir nya. ahhahaha. tau gitu gue sediain halaman lain deh. btw, buku yang buat ttd itu tuh buku exercise book nya pel inggris bahkan. krn halamannya masih banyak yaa gue gunain aja. ahhahaha. 

di ina open kali ini gue mendapat banyak sekali nama2 pemain yang tdnya ga gue ketahui. hahaha. kalo sampe gue tau biasanya pemainnya tuh cakep mnurut gue, atau jelek, atau pokoknya yang mukanya gampang diinget. hahaha. kalo boonsak sama KUAN kan krn cakep tuh. hahaha. tanongsak juga gitu. ckckck. 

waktu rabu kan hari pertama KO main tuh. sayangnya karena ada classmeeting gue gabisa ngeliat pertandingan pertama KO/YOO. dan ternyata mereka kalah. ckckck. gue nontonnya bareng sama si fica sama ipe, kita ngliat yang KO/HA. hehehe. itu parah juga. kayak susah banget dapet tiket. yg katanya uda abis lah, trs rusuh lah. aduh parah. tp akhirnya pas gue berhasil masuk dapet tiket gue ada di saat yang tepat. pas banget KO/HA. nah masuk gue lgsg treak KO SUNG HYUN!! HAHA dodol banget. pdhl KO nya ada di seberang sono. ckckck. jd gue masuk dari A4, sedangkan KO ada di A7 yang artinya untuk sampai di deket dia gue harus nyebrang. akhirnya gue sama fica sama ipe manjat2 deh tuh buat sampe ke A7. HAHAH. pas sampe, gue lgsg semangatin KO/HA. terutama KO nya sih. heheh. trs uda gitu, itu kan lagi ngelawan indonesia. lagi lawan debby susanto sama M rijal kalo gasalah. trs gue bela korea dong ada KO nya. haha. sedangkan yang lain bela nya indonesia. jahat ya gue. cumaa gue gamau KO kalah dong. akhirnya gue semangatin dia aja. gapeduli deh ada org indo yang nereakin kek atau gebukin gua. hahah. untungnya gada. soalnya indonesianya sendiri yang main itu belom terkenal. jadi yaa amaaan. babak 1 KO/HA kalah. trs babak 2nya mereka menang. babak 3 pas menang, mereka kan uda menang gitu. trs gada yang treak akhirnya gue treak sendirian deh. hahahaha. yg lain sepi gitu. ckckck. makasi buat teman2 gue yang sudah membantu gue bela KO/HA, ipe sama fica. hahahah. mereka berdua nemenin gue bela korea, hahaha. terimakasih teman :) akhirnya KO/HA menang, trs setelah menang kan mereka kayak balik gitu kan. pas balik, itu ngelewatin bawahnya gua gitu. trs pas mau keluar, gue tereak "KO SUNG HYUN!". trs dia nengok ke gua. gua dadahin ajaa. HAHAH rada gila sih dan gue malu abis itu :|

waktu hari kamis gue kesana bareng sama tmn2 gue ber12 (eliz, angel, xenia, erinca, noni, yeti, jenni, ica, fica, alice, novita). gue uda ngantri dari jam stgh 8 pagi, trs eliz dateng sekitar jam 9an gitu. trs kita berdua ngantri sampe jam 12. itu gila banget ya rusuh abis. gabakal lupa deh gue suasananya. eliz aja sampe ngmg serem serem gitu. emang menyeramkan sih suasananya. gila. gabakal terlupakan deh. parah banget. pdhl tahun2 sebelomnya gue belom pernah ngantri tiket sampe separah itu. ahhahaha. trs pas masih jam 10an gitu, kan si ica noni dan lain lain pada masuk ke dalem ngliat atlet latihan. trs dia nelpon eliz, akhirnya gue sama eliz mnta org jagain trs masuk ke dalem. nah abis itu. pas gue ngliat ada KO. melting deh gue di tempat. haha ga lah ga lebay gitu. heheh. gue cuma malu aja gitu ktm dia lagi setelah kmrn nya gue dadahin dia selse main trs minta foto. hahaha. hari itu menyenangkan sekali deh pokoknya. gue dapet lumayan banyak foto. ahhaha. oiya, ada satu kejadian memalukan lagi. jadiii kan gue sama eliz, yeti, jenni, ica kalo gasalah atau masih ada lagi gue lupa, abis KO tanding kan dia kalah tuh, trs uda gtu gue sama mereka2 pada kayak barengan bilang KO Sung Hyun, sarangheyo sambil membentuk hati gitu. hahaha. selse ngmg gitu, eliz langsung ngmg "aduh malu gua" hahha GUA JUGA MALU gila. ckckckck. aduh malu2in yah. ckckck. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

hari jumat, gue bner2 ga ngerencanain pergi ke sana. trs di skolah gue tanya2in siapa yang mau kesana. ternyata ally mau, yaudah akhirnya gue baru merencanakan hari itu. trs janjian di istora. hahaha. hari itu yaa lumayan lah kayak dapet lumayan banyak foto bareng atlet. trs dapet foto sama coachnya korea juga. hahaha. baik banget. hehe. trs gue ktm sama alumni sanur. hahaha. ternyata dunia sempit yaaa. hahahah. yang jelas tuh hari lumayan asik. ahahah .dapet sama boonsak lagi! hahaha. dia baik sekaliii. 

hari sabtu gue gabisa dateng karena ada promnite dan gue gaboleh pergi ngejar paginya. huhuu

hari minggu, adalah hari terakhir. hari final dan gue punya misi khusus buat KO. hahahaha. misi A : foto sama KO dan pas dia lagi cakep. misi B : sarangheyo. hehehe. hari itu gue janjian sama tannia sama xenia. nah xenia lagi sama angel lagi nonton gitu. jadi pas sampe gue tunggu di luar. tannia gajadi dateng jd gue sendirian. uda gitu pas kluar. smua fansnya yongdae lgsg pada keluar ke pintu atlet. gue kan tujuannya mau foto sama KO, yaaa kalo bisa sama SHIN sama HWANG juga. cuma ngliat keadaan nya gamungkin foto. akhirnya gue beralih ke misi B aja. hehehe. trs kan pada ngumpul gitu di depan pintu atletnya. fans2nya park sung hwang sama yongdae uda pada nunggu. trs fansnya pada treak "park sung hwan sarangheyo!" trs abis gitu diketawain sama shin baek cheol sama yang lain2 juga. hahaha. ga kebayang kalo gue di barisan depan trs treak "KO SARANGHEYO!" sendirian gue bisa diketawain juga. hahahaha. malu sih gue kalo gitu. trs kan gue masih ngliat2 gitu, ternyata si hwang ji man lagi kayak ngerekam ramenya gitu, abis suasananya kayak rame banget sama fansnya yongdae. hahahaha. trs dia ngerekamin gitu pake ntah hape atau kameranya. lucu banget. hahahah. abis ituu kan gue masih nunggu di depan sama yang lainnya. pas pintunya dibuka, trs ada yg kluar gitu, bahkan sampe dikawal. hahahaha. pertama2 yang kluar si hwang ji man duluan. kan gue pende.k yah, jadi gue loncat2 gitu sambil treak "HWANG JI MAN! HWANG JI MAN!" hahahha. trs pas gue liat ternyata dia lagi ngerekam juga. gila daritadi ngerekam ga abis2. hahahaha. trs blakangnya dia ada KO, gue tereak2 in si KO dong. hahaha. uda gitu dia langsung masuk bus. krn rame banget jd kayak disuruh cepet gitu. hahaha. uda gitu, gue lgsg ke sisi bus yang ada dia nya. fans2nya dia yg lain juga gitu tp untungnya cuma dikit. hahaha. yang lain kan pada kayak foto2 dia gitu, tp gue cuma ngliatin doang. trs pas yang lain pada foto2,dia kan nyadar tuh banyak kamera. akhirnya dia pasang tampang senyum dan bikin peace gitu. hahaha. kayak org mau difoto. yaa kayak narsis2 gitu lah. ahhaha. kocak banget pas gue ngliat itu gue langsung ketawa. ckckkc.


hahaha. gue kalo ngliat ini bisa senyum2 sendiri kayak orang sarap hehehe abisnya dia aneh2 aja sih. hahah. like i said "i don't think he acted his age". kocak abis gila gue ketawa pas ngliat dia kayak gitu. padahal gue sedang mempersiapkan diri untuk bilang sesuatu trs terpecahkan konsen gua gara2 dia. hahaha. dodol dasar ckckck. anyways lanjuut, jadii setelah uda ga gitu rame. gue mulai menyiapkan diri. hehe. masih ada beberapa fansnya sih, tp gue rasa juga gabakal banyak yang ngliat apa yang bakal gua lakukan. sooo, gue mulai manggil2 dia. gue manggil "KO KO" sambil kayak melambaikan tangan gitu. trs dia ngliat ke gua. pas gue rasa itu saat yang tepat, gue memulai misi B. hehehe. jadi begini :

dhn : KO! KO! (sambil melambai2kan tangan)

ksh : (ngliat ke gua)

dhn : (merasa saat yang tepat mulai misi B)-> (membentuk hati pake tangan, lalu..) sarangheyo~ (cuma ngmg pake gerakan mulut doang sih kagak bersuara sampe keras2 banget gitu hehe)

ksh : (bengong bentar masih ngliat ke gua)

dhn : (nunggu respond dari dia)

ksh : (senyum yang lebih dari senyum sebelomnya sambil dadah2. ngadep ke gua) (dan gue tau itu karena gue ngliat langsung ke matanya hahahah)

dhn : (eyes-to-eyes, gue shock. gue senyum, balik badan, dan langsung pergi ke xenia dan kawan2. and i cried huhu)

kayak sinetron yah. hahaha. najong banget sih kalo dibayangin emang. cuma yang jelas gue gabisa ngedescribe gimana ekspresi dia dengan secara perfect ke org2 yang gue ceritain, yang jelas i'm the only one who knows what kind of expression he showed me. ahaha. i just couldn't forget that smile :)

selama ina open 2009 ini gue telah melihat berbagai macam atlet. hehe. atlet yang lumayan jago dan cakep dan atlet yang baru dan masih muda. ehehe. gue lebih banyak tau ttg atlet2nya dan juga tau yang baru2 siapa. nah makanya selama itu gue membuat kesimpulan. yaitu my top 5. hehehe. rada ga penting emang. but, anyway here's my top 5 badminton players :

#1. KO Sung Hyun (KOR) <3<3

#2. Hwang Ji Man/Shin Baek Cheol (KOR)

#3. Boonsak Ponsana (THA)

#4. Lee Yong Dae (KOR)

#5. Chris Adcock (ENG)

as you can see, banyakan korea disitu. itu karena yang gue suka banget banyak di korea. hahah.  sebenernya tadinya gue mau buat top 10, cumaaa kalo 10 gue rasa kebanyakan karena gue berenti di 7 atau 8 gitu tadi gue lupa. hahaha. kalopun ada sampe 10 gue bakal nambahin Kuan Beng Hong (MAS) dan Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk (THA) dan beberapa lagi seperti Fu Haifeng/Cai Yun (CHN) cuma kebanyakan dan yang bener2 gue suka cm itu 5 doang. ahhahaha. dan itulah yang akan menjadi target gua tahun depan di tambah beberapa org korea lagi. heehehe. cuma yang lain itu gue kurang suka karena terkadang mereka rada somse. heheh. 

CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NEXT BADMINTON EVENT. HAHAH. ntah super series manapun yang ada KO nya dan maybe Hwang/Shin maka gue akan setia menunggu di depan tv maupun laptop gue buat tau perkembangannya. ahahahha. :D


unforgetable moment :):

hari ini bener2 gila banget. unforgettable classmeeting ever hahahah.

jadi pagi2 tuh kan baru mulai, uda gitu pertama2 final voli dulu. 92 lawan 91. gue uda deg2an duluan. hahah. trs latihan latihan bentar dan akhirnya mulai pertandingan. karena itu hari pagi lagi kayak silau gitu, makanya waktu menang suit, kita milihnya tempat, dan kita milih tempat dimana ga silau. abis itu, pas 91 service, pertama ketinggalan banyak gtu, tp setelah kita dapet bola, akhirnya kita ngejar. yak jadi setelah bbrp kali service dan pindah tangan lalu service lagi, akhirnya babak 1 kita menang. 92 menang maksudnya. heheh. babak kedua,  bola di lawan. gue lupa ya gimana caranya, kayaknya service pertamanya ga berhasil atau berhasil tp berasil dikembalikan atau gimana akhirnya bola pindah ke 92. trs lina service terus sampe banyak banget nilainya ntah brp. uda gitu, kayaknya kitanya kejeblosan atau gimana lupa, akhirnya bola pindah ke 91. si lala service tuh kayaknya masuk terus deh, arahnya ke fica dan kayaknya si cong kesilauan jadinya yaaa kagak bisa ngliat dgn jelas dan out smua. oiya, si cong silau soalnya babak 2 92 pindah tempat ke tempat yg memang silau itu. hehe. itu yg pas out2an itu pas uda tinggal 3 angka lagi tuh. ckck. nyesek deh. haha. tp abis itu si cong pake topinya si chinta. nah mulai saat itu baru bisa ngembaliin bola dengan baik dan benar. hahaha. setelah 91 kebablasan, bola pindah ke 92. trs gue yg service. service yg penting asal masuk deh. trs akhirnya menang deh. hahaha. mungkin itu krn mentalnya 91 uda drop kali yah. kalo gue jadi mereka dan ketinggalan angka jauh banget gitu emang gue juga bakal drop. dan satu lagi servicenya lina tuh stabil banget jadi bisa masuk terus. hahaha. buat ini gue seneng banget. dan gue juga seneng karena 91 ga menang biasa aja. jd kita gada konflik. dan gue emang gamau ada konflik. hahaha. :)

lalu pertandingan 92 yg selanjutnya basket. lawan 83 nih. uda kayak pada emosian gitu. soalnya suka ada yg pelanggaran tp ga di prit (katanya). dan gue juga kasian juga sama wasitnya, trs pd mau ganti wasit biar adil soalnya kebetulan wasitnya 22nya dari salah satu kelas yang sedang bertanding. biar adil gitu jadi ga dikira memihak blablabla. tapi yaaa untungnya akhirnya 92 menang. walaupun akhirnya rada kacau sama tim lawan, cuma yaa baikan lagi kali. hahaha. harus sportif. uda gitu ada boltem, yag ikut basket juga pada boltem nih. sayangnya, ada anak kelas gue yang menjadi "tiang" dalam basket juga ikut main, disuruh main malah, hahaha. akhirnya pas pertandingan selanjutnya buat basket dia kecapean. dan banyak yang kecapean. tp dia ttp maju, yg lain juga gitu sih. heheh. pas pertandingan uda mulai, smua kliatan gitu pada cape panas bosen balblablabla. dan gue cuma ngeliatin main doang sambil treak2 ga jelas kayak sok2 ngatur (maap ya itu kebiasaan gua - badhabit kalo ngliat org main basket).  tp gue gemes aja gitu, hahaha. pengen gue masuk ke lapangan dan main buat kelas gue (yaaa sekalian gitu gue uda lama ga main). tp yaaa gue serahkan saja kepada teman2 gua lah. kalah menang gapapa lah. hahaha. sayangnya nih, kelas gue kalah. trs kayak pada susah nerima gitu kan. trs jadi ribut gitu supporternya. nah gue bingung deh. masalanya gue sendiri juga lagi emosi sih. hahha. yaaa pada marah2 gitu deh pokoknya. yang jelas ada beberapa faktor yang bikin gue gasuka sama hari ini, tp gue gamau ngmg disini. ga guna juga. hahaha. yang jelas juga gue shock banget hari ini gue uda cape banget pokoknya mau marah2 juga uda gabisa krn kebanyakan treak2. hahaha. sampe pusing pala gua. haduh. gue harap di classmeeting selanjutnya ga kayak gini deh. smoga bisa damai dan sportif. 

satulagi. GUE GA SABAR MINGGU DEPAN. hahahha. lebay sih memang. cuma gue pengen banget ketemu sama atlet2 itu lagi. gue sudah 1 tahun menanti dan akhirnya minggu depan (amiin banget) bisa ketemu lagi. hahah. dan gue ada 2 target yang harus dapet fto bareng. lee yong dae dan lin dan. aaha. it's a must bagi gue (dan bella mungkin) krn kita tahun lalu belom dpt foto sama mrk. hahaha. doakan kami biar bisa dapet fotonya yah! ahhaa. gue uda ngebet banget pengen nonton. untung di jakarta lagi, kalo enggak kan repot. hahaha. smoga tahun depan gini lagi deh. trs ntar gue ktm sama ko sung hyun lagi. trs gue blg sarangheyo lagi. trs tiap taun gitu sampe jadi kayak rutinitas gue setahun sekali di event yg sama tempat yang sama dan org yang sama. ahhaha asoy deh. 


now it's already 0:13 AM and i'm not tired yet. so i just want to write this because i have nothing to do. yesterday was soo fun. i had classmeeting and i played volleyball with my friends. i'm actually in my classteam, i joined the volleyball team because i can't play in basketball team for my class. but, it was fun. i was so tired yesterday, after classmeeting i had to do marching band activity. it's been two weeks since the last time i play my snaredrum, so when i have to wear it (baca: make alat --> bawa alatnya gitu) it felt like my back was very hurt. i was in pain. and it was really really tiring.  today, i wanted to go to school nut i had headache so i didn't go to school. i was spending my time in home with sleeping and sleeping because of tired. too tired. but, in the evening, i went to JCC to computer and cellular show and bought a new headphone. haha. since my earphones are already broken, so i have to buy a new one. and i found it. actually i want to buy earphone with earplug like my sonyericsson's earphone. but my mother didn't let my buy it :( that's okay, because it's for my goodness. tomorrow is the final. i hope my classteam can win the volleyball match. hahah. wish me luck! wish us maybe. ahhahaha

oh i have something else to tell. i watched the SUDIRMAN CUP : KOR vs INA this evening. actually sudirman cup is held on May or April i forgot but indovision played it again on the television so i watched it. fyi, i like badminton very much. i love it. the first match i saw was Lee Yong Dae/Jung Jae Sung vs Hendra Setiawan/Mohammad Ahsan, i think i missed the very first match (MS). i watch the  badminton match because i had nothing to watch and there was lee yong dae on tv. i like lee yong dae, because he is very good at playin badminton, he's very cute and he's young. hahah. i like ko sung hyun better tough, he's cute and handsome, unfortunately he's not as famous as lee yong dae or as young as lee yong dae is. haha. can't wait until next week :)


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