guess who (?)

everything changes, don't they?
yes they do. and sometimes they change to the way that we are not expected.

like mine.

i was happy back then. i'm not saying that now i'm not happy. but, it's different.
different kind of happiness.

i have this friend. best friend. i think everyone wants to be her friend. i don't know why. maybe because she's kind and easygoing. but, one and only thing that i couldn't help is the fact that she's very very insensitive. it's almost like she doesn't really care OR worst, she doesn't know how people around her feel about her sudden-changing attitudes. and the thing that's bugging me is i feel like i don't know her :(

it's funny. because i thought it's harder to maintain relationship between friends who don't go to the same class as yours than friends who go to the same class as yours.