yes. we made it. PSUMB made it!
i know that nothing's perfect.
and for me, for us(battery), there was a lack of perfection.

but what happened happened and what can i do is trying even harder for the next one.
and the most important thing is
i am really thankful and grateful for what we have achieved.
and i realized that i love this band sooo damn much! sadly i just have one more year until i leave.

i don't have much to say but i want to say SPECIAL THANKS to:
1. BATTERY and PSUMB - thanks for being companion and thanks for the amazing experience. i don't have anything to say, because it's about the feelings and not the words. love you guys ♥♥♥
2. KAK ILHAM - thankyou soooo much for your hardwork, your time and your patience for batterychaps! really. :D
3. Kak Rizky, Kak Andreas and the rest of the team - thankyou soo much for helping us. thankyou soo much for your time and hardwork! :D
4. every-single-person who support PSUMB. we play for you guys and we can never made it without you guys :)

sooo manymore that i want to thanks to. but it's not like i can metion all of them hahaha

this is my last GPMB with PSUMB. and it went great! i can't say it was perfect. because nothing is perfect.


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